hook_countries_alter(&$countries) Alter the default country list. Parameters

2016-10-29 09:17:53

hook_queue_info_alter(&$queues) Alter cron queue information before cron runs. Called

2016-10-29 09:18:27
Service Tags

Service tags overview Some services have tags, which are defined in the service definition. Tags are used to define a group of related services

2016-10-29 09:41:54

hook_mail($key, &$message, $params) Prepares a message based on parameters; This

2016-10-29 09:18:20
Utility classes and functions

Overview of utility classes and functions for developers. Drupal provides developers with a variety of utility functions that make it easier

2016-10-29 09:53:23
Services and Dependency Injection Container

Overview of the Dependency Injection Container and Services. Overview of container, injection, and services The

2016-10-29 09:41:56
Typed Data API

API for describing data based on a set of available data types. PHP has data types, such as int, string, float, array, etc., and it is an object-oriented

2016-10-29 09:49:51
Best practices for developers

Overview of standards and best practices for developers Ideally, all code that is included in Drupal Core and contributed modules, themes, and

2016-10-29 08:46:12

hook_data_type_info_alter(&$data_types) Alter available data types for typed data wrappers.

2016-10-29 09:17:53
Configuration API

Information about the Configuration API. The Configuration API is one of several methods in Drupal for storing information. See the

2016-10-29 08:55:22