Ion.RangeSlider - jQuery range slider with skin support

Ion.RangeSlider is an easily customizable jQuery range slider. It has flexible settings and can be completely altered with CSS.


Ion.RangeSlider - Features:

  • Skin support. (3 skins included and PSD for skin creation)
  • Any number of sliders at one page without conflicts and big performance problems
  • Two slider types single (1 slider) and double (2 sliders)
  • Support of negative and fractional values
  • Ability to edit step
  • Support of custom values diapason 
  • Automatically generated grid
  • Ability to disable UI elements (min and max, current value, grid)
  • Postfixes and prefixes for you numbers ($20, 20 € etc.)
  • Additional postfix for maximum value (eg. $0 — $100+)
  • Ability to prettify large numbers (eg. 10000000 -> 10 000 000)
  • Slider writes it's value right into input value field. This makes it easy to use in any html form
  • Any slider value can be set through input data-attribute (eg. data-min="10")
  • Slider supports disable param. You can set it true to make slider inactive
  • Slider supports external methods (update and remove) to control it after creation
  • For advanced users slider has callbacks (onLoad, onChange, onFinish). Slider paste all it's params to callback first argument as object


2014-09-14 16:41:25
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