Grocery Delivery Business – What Is It And How To Build An On-demand Grocery Delivery App


On-demand Grocery Delivery And Bigbasket Clone


The grocery delivery service supplies the essential needs of a region. BigBasket is an on-demand grocery delivery app that allows customers to log in to the app, browse the product list, and place their grocery orders; the app's logistic support member delivers the ordered groceries to the customer's doorsteps. It has been one of the prominent business models setting up inspiration for young entrepreneurs to make their big entry into the market with an App like Bigbasket. The online grocery market is emerging rapidly, showing a growth of 19% every year, presenting a great time to start your business venture with BigBasket clone app development.


What Do You Need To Know Before Developing An Online Grocery App?


To sustain in the market and be successful, there are some important factors you need to consider in your Bigbasket app clone, which is listed below.


Determine your target audience: You need to understand and analyze your target audience, who are your potential customers. You also have to gather information on the ideas of your competitor's app and its setbacks.


Identify your working region: You need to concentrate on the area with the majority of potential customers and spend more on promoting in those regions. You also need to ensure the availability of labor resources capable of delivering goods to these regions.


Type of business model: There are several types of grocery chains like a single store where the owner sells the product or the aggregator that links the adjacent supermarkets to the consumers, or the marketplace that has a delivery team to deliver the goods. You need to decide on the type of business model for your Bigbasket clone app.


Inventory arrangements: You can either stock up the products or tie up with local stores and maintain inventory. It depends on your type of business model.


Delivery options: You need to have flexible delivery options to provide in-store pick-up as well as doorstep delivery


Customer engagement: You need to offer innovative features in your app to keep your customers engaged so that you can expect the same crowd every time. Here are some of the top differentiating features that you can add to your app.


  1. Versatility of Products: Offer a wide range of products under the grocery category in your BigBasket like app

  2. Attractive UI/UX: The apps' design has to be simple and attractive. The users must find it easy to navigate in the app.

  3. Smart Cart: The users can save the items they repeatedly order, which reduces their effort to search in the long list of items every time 

  4. Secure payment methods: The payments options can include cash-on-delivery, Debit/Credit card, UPI, etc. for users to choose their preferred mode of transaction


An End-Note,

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