Quick Start Your Telemedicine Business By Launching An On-demand Practo Clone

The modern era is all about the tech-savvy population who are used to acquiring services in just a few clicks on smartphones. In that way, an app like Practo makes the process of getting a doctor's appointment easy and convenient.


On-demand Practo clone enables the patient to easily access medical services, thereby bridging the gap between the doctors and patients. Lets us take a look at how beneficial is Practo clone app development.


  • Facilitates hassle-free appointment booking with the doctors

  • The digital mode provides easy retrieval of medical records.

  • It helps in the effective promotion of the services

  • Offers convenience in the bill payments since all the transactions are carried online

  • On-demand apps for healthcare services improve the efficiency of providing medical support to patients in remote places.

  • Gives opportunities to build the reputation for the brand.


Therefore, looking at the advantages and need for on-demand medical services, Practo clone serves as an ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to kickstart their business. In order to launch a successful Practo clone app, what you need to do is covered in the following section.


What Are The Core Highlights Of A Healthcare Service App?

Establishing good communication between doctors and patients is very critical, especially for a telemedicine app. So, you will need to have features that can help the users of your app to access the service with ease.

In that way, below are some of the must-have features to integrate into your Practo Clone script.


Stakeholders' Profile: There are two sides of the Practo clone: User profile & Doctor profile

  • User profiles can allow patients to enter their details such as name, age, gender, etc. Furthermore, they can also add basic medical details like height, weight, blood group, etc.

  • Doctor profile can contain all the details of doctors such as their name, area of specialization, years of experience, name of the clinic or hospital they work for, etc.


Appointment Booking: The whole point is to make the process of finding a doctor and book an appointment easy and hassle-free. Therefore, this feature can enable patients to view the doctor's schedule and book an appointment with them based on their availability.


Live-video conference: With an on-demand Practo clone, you can allow patients to consult with the doctor virtually through video calling. It saves the time and effort of the patients in visiting the clinic manually.


In-built payment option: Integrating with various online payment methods such as card payments, net banking, eWallet, etc., help users to make the transactions choosing their favorable mode.



It is self-evident that online doctor appointment booking app like Practo clone offers a way more comfort to patients as well as organizations in providing healthcare services. So, it's time to set up your business with the best Practo clone app development. Are you thinking of ways to find one? Contact our developers at TurnkeyTown to know more.

2021-07-19 10:39:21
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