Privacy Guide Mobile privacy is a critical issue that every app developer must address. Your users expect that their private information will be collected and treated

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Storage Several storage APIs are available for Cordova applications. See html5rocks storage

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Platforms and Plugins Version Management

Platforms and Plugins Version Management From version 4.3.0 onwards, Cordova provides the ability to save and restore platforms and plugins

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Security Guide The following guide includes some security best practices that you should consider when developing a Cordova application. Please be aware that security

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Create your first Cordova app

Create your first Cordova app This guide shows you how to create a JS/HTML Cordova application and deploy them to various native mobile platforms using

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Whitelist Guide Domain whitelisting is a security model that controls access to external domains over which your application has no control. Cordova provides a configurable

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Customize Icons

Customize Icons This section shows how to configure an application's icon for various platforms. Documentation about splash screen images can be found in the Cordov

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Platform Support

Platform Support The following shows the set of development tools and device APIs available for each mobile platform. The device APIs listed here are provided by the

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Cordova App Templates

Cordova App Templates Use a Template Templates allow you to use preexisting code to jumpstart your project.

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